Sabotage Clearing And Applying The Law of Attraction


This Healing Technique Makes Clearing Sabotage And Applying The Law of Attraction As Easy As Snapping Your Fingers!

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It is so Simple Anyone Can Do It!” 

AT LAST… an easy way to stop sabotaging your life.

Isn’t it time you started to attract the life you desired and deserve?

This hands-on, leading edge leading-edge energy based system gives you the skills and tools you need to identify and clear conscious and subconscious sabotage programs. 




Online 2021

You may have sabotage programs in any or all of these areas:

  • Difficulty following your life’s purpose
  • Relationship difficulties: Personal / Couples / Family / Work
  • Addictions such as Smoking / Food and drink / Shopping / Risk aversion
  • Lack of Money / Success / Abundance / Happiness
  • Constant health problems such as Weight issues / Chronic fatigue / Low energy
  • Problem areas that just seem to keep re-occurring in your life

Discover how you can use simple, yet highly effective muscle testing to change your life dramatically. This workshop has been life changing for many people all around the world.

Join Barry Auchettl, creator of ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’ and author of ‘The Scan Charts’ and ‘Eye Power’, as he guides you to a journey of self discovery. You will never be the same again.

“I love the simplicity and magic of the process, and as my skills developed so did the fun. It became clear that intent and trust ensure safety and learning. Excellent presentation, dealing with big issues and life changes in a professional way while being humorous and encouraging and positive” – Linda Mikkelsen, New Zealand

What’s included in the Sabotage Clearing and Applying the Law of Attraction Intensive? 


  • Muscle testing as an effective means of obtaining feedback from the body regarding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stresses
  • Learning how to accurately muscle test and use your intuition
  • Hydration and Food Sensitivity Testing including sugar, chocolate and wheat
  • Group session on moving up the emotional chart from powerlessness to freedom


  • Improve your energy by clearing hooks, cords and energy drains from others
  • Identify conscious and unconscious sabotages
  • How to muscle test using scan charts and lists
  • Clear blocks using simple muscles testing techniques
  • Clear effects of electromagnetic radiation such as use of mobile phones
  • Learn how to muscle test and clear blocks for yourself


  • Clearing multiple sabotage programs in one session
  • Applying the Law of Attraction to Communication
  • Creating Goal enhancement and affirmations that work long term
  • Clear Blocks in minutes using the Light Body Alignment technique
  • Combining Sabotage Clearing and the Laws of Attraction in your main area of concern
  • Using specific scan charts such as ‘Being in the Vortex’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’

About Your Facilitator: Barry Auchettl 

Barry’s passion is allowing people to shine from within. He has faced many of life’s challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game’ and author of ‘The Scan Charts’ and ‘Eye Power’. Barry is a fascinating and down-to-earth facilitator from Australia who is currently running workshops, seminars and trainings worldwide.

I attended Barry’s Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement workshop to regain my passion for Kinesiology and by golly its worked. Barry has put back the ‘easy’ into Kin-esi-ology for me. I was one of those practitioners who got lost in the detail and drained my passion. Now I have it back and trust in the simplicity of what Kinesiology is all about. Thank you Barry, you’re a great teacher and mentor. Elaine Gentles, January 2014

If you want a simple and easy way to make significant and lasting changes in your life then this could be the most important workshop you attend! Barry has made changing your life as simple and easy as “snapping” your fingers with his use of Light Body Alignments.

Similar advanced workshops cost over $3000. This workshop is currently available for only $A1200 ($1500 after 1 February,2019)

Spaces are strictly limited so book now. Get in early for the early bird bonus of the “The Vortex” Scan Chart from the author of “The Scan Charts” (Limited to the first 20 people only)

Thankyou for a wonderful, insightful weekend. I wasn’t sure how this weekend was going to help me and went on the guidance of my intuition only. Being a lightworker and healer myself I was very surprised at the strength of the shift in issues that was obtained through your system of muscle testing for sabotages and supressions, the ones that I had lurking in the background and ignoring. No getting away with ignoring them with your technique though :). The biggest surprise is how quickly they can be shifted and how many you can do in such a short period of time. I truly feel fantastic, I will use this in my own work and can see it taking over once I really get the hang of it. As for the group of attendees, they were all so wonderful and everyone had something special to bring into my life. A great weekend with fun thrown in and worth every penny.I cant wait to see the rest of the changes, not only in my life, but also in the lives of  my family and friends  that I will be practicing on.. Jane Aykac, Australia


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