Private session


One Life Vision Mentoring one on one session to improve your eyesight and expand your Vision of Life



Individual Life Vision Mentoring session to look at eyesight improvement, Sabotage clearing and Vision of Life

Did you know
* Over 80 per cent of adults over 45 now wear glasses, and it doesn’t have to be that way
* Using a computer for more than 2 hours a day has a direct effect on your eye health
* There is a direct connection between your eyesight and Vision of Life
* Unconscious programming is the biggest block to achieving love and abundance

Life Vision Mentoring is about seeing on all levels improve your physical eyesight and expand your Vision of Life.

The session looks at areas including:

1. What are you not seeing?
2. Simple and effective eye exercises to improve your eyesight
3. What else can I do to improve my eyesight?
4. Improving your eyesight at the computer
5. Relationship between eyesight and your Vision of Life
6. Seeing into the future

Barry Auchettl founded Eye Power in 1997 to help people choose an edcuational approach to improving their eyesight.

Eye Power is about improving your eye-sight and well as your in-sight. A few years later, Barry completed a Masters of Education looking at the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight and what you can do about it.

Barry specialises in combining skills, intuition and muscle testing, and specialises in clearing unconscious sabotages in seconds. He will combine practical techniques and energy work to create a change in people’s physical eyesight as well as clearing blocks that stop people from achieving abundance and healthy relationships.

Life Vision Mentoring covers all aspects of eyesight and Vision and the relationship between how you see and how your life is going. In the process, your physical vision becomes clearer.

If you want to see differently, then you are invited to see for yourself


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