What are people really talking about?

Do we have time to really talk to the people we are closest to?  In this age where life is changing at such an amazing pace, do we have the tools and support to help us to do this within our own family, work and community groups? We do now.

‘Conversations an inspirational game’ is where people have the chance to get to the nitty gritty of issues. This facilitates teamwork, fosters family communication and enhances authentic relationships amongst mates and colleagues. There is no limit to the topics of conversations this game fosters. This is where the magic happens.

Imagine playing a board game where everyone who plays wins in ways never imagined.  This game surpasses material needs and draws out of participants the things that really matter and gives joy and energy. ‘Conversations’ is a vehicle in which participants determine the length of the journey, the scenery they come across and the stops along the way.

Whilst the participants are in full control of their games journey and destination, Conversations has an uncanny, almost magical way of providing participants with exactly what is needed at that time.

Developed by speaker and educator, Barry Auchettl from Australia, the game Conversations was evolved from a dream.  A dream where the world was a place where people came together and really talked about what was happening and what inspired them and shared their vision.

“This is the most AMAZING conversation you will ever have”
extraordinary experience everybody deserves the opportunity to participate in.”
“Inspired me beyond my expectations.”