Sheryl Guillaume, Evolving Doors Productions, Canada

I bring in a number of authors from around the world to speak at Unity’s service followed with workshop or seminar. I work with Learning Annex here and I am their Calgary representative as well a new larger company that is in Canada called the Power Within. They are the people that brought Pres. Bill Clinton to Canada to speak last fall. We have an author speaking at least once a month. Barry is one of the best speakers we have enjoyed at our service. His average guy attitude put everyone at ease and he helped us go through a little exercise in our service that had everyone talking about how much they enjoyed it. As people talked from their hearts and we got to connect with each other on a deeper level. AS you can see, by the companies I work with that I have experienced many varieties of speakers over the years. I have not had the desire to take many workshops or seminars because I am used to the high level speakers. Barry’s workshop was a blessing and helped me see the answers in my own life. As well as the connection with the other people was amazing how deep our conversation went.    

Bernard Kelly, Haydens Real Estate, Australia

Each year we take all our staff away for a few days to plan the next 12 months and to build relationships within our team. Building relationships within the team is often better handle from outside the team, so it was with this in mind we started looking for a suitable co-ordinator. J.K Personnel recommended Mr Barry Auchettl, after we explained what we where trying to achieve. Director, Jennifer Kelly, felt the board game would help build relationships as it had when used by her company. On a lovely sunny day at Apollo Bay, Barry led us through the Game. All the team members contributed and felt it was a benefit to them and evidence shows that it has continued to help us 6 months later. It is therefore we recommend the Game to other companies and institutions.
Hugh Ballou

Transformational Leadership Strategist, USA