Article presented to the first World Natural Vision SymposiumVirginia Beach, USA, 1999

My Vision

I have a vision of the future where people do not need the assistance of artificial devices to see. To be able to see without glasses requires not only simple exercises, but also to look at what you don’t want to see, and to be willing to explore all aspects of vision. To allow people to see fully into your eyes is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to allow others to touch the essence of your soul. When we do not allow people to see us as we really are, life becomes blurry and we find ourselves hiding behind a shield.

Artificial devices such as corrective lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses have become the norm of almost all cultures in the world today. At least one in every two adults in the Western world has some form of corrective lenses for activities like reading the phone book or driving the car.

Over the last ten years, the number of people wearing corrective lenses or sunglasses has risen considerably due an aging population and a successful advertising campaign, which has promoted glasses as a fashion accessory. I have even heard of one person wearing a set of clear glasses because he sees it as presenting a certain image. However, it is possible to improve your eyesight and to expand your vision without the need for glasses.

As I approached adulthood, I found myself wearing glasses all the time. Every few years, I was given stronger glasses until I was finally given multi focal lenses at thirty-two years of age. I felt that I was blind without my glasses but was not happy with the extra strength of these new lenses as they were causing headaches. When I queried this, I was told, “You will get used to it.”

Getting Started

Coming from an teaching background, I then decided to find out if it was possible to improve my own eyesight. I initially started to experiment by taking off my glasses when I woke up for periods of time ranging from ten minutes to two hours. This produced a range of emotions in me including fear and anxiety. When I put my glasses back on, the fear and anxiety apparently went away. I found the simple act of putting on glasses actually suppressed emotions behind the eye.

The best place to start to improve eyesight is to believe you can actually do it. Eventually, I managed to be able to read without glasses within a month and had the corrective lenses condition removed from my driver’s license after only six months. As a result of no longer needing to wear glasses, my life has also opened up to more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can improve eyesight if performed with the correct attitude. The easiest and most well known exercise is palming. Palming involves cupping your hands and placing them over your closed eyes without actually touching the eyes. For some people, their hands may feel extremely warm or tingly. The act of palming not only relaxes the physical eye but also energises the entire body. For those who are energy sensitive, palming can even be done with your hand 5 to 6 inches away from your face and allow the energy to work on the subtle levels.

Another way to relax and restore your eyesight is by sunning, which involves rotating your head from side to side while looking at the sun with your eyes closed. Most Western cultures have developed a fear of the sun due to the ultra violet rays that it produces, yet have no fear using mobile phones, microwaves and computers all of which produce electro-magnetic waves which are potentially far more damaging. Increasing tolerance to light by sunning reduces sensitivity to glare and reduces headaches.

Edgar Cayce was one of the most documented psychics of all time with over 15,000 recorded readings. For many years, the scope of his psychic readings expanded from medical problems to include such topics as meditation, dream interpretation, auras and reincarnation.

Cayce recommended specific techniques for improving eyes. Most were related to improving the overall health and immune system of the individual such as walking 20 minutes every day. Cayce’s head and neck exercises are particularly valuable to relieve muscle tension for people engaged in desk work, typing, piano playing, and other activities that strain head, neck, eyes, shoulders and arms.

Causes of Eye Problems

People are starting to accept that there is a relationship between physical and emotional problems. An honest look at why glasses are initially needed can help clear vision. For example, some people have found their eyes started to deteriorate shortly after the death of someone close to them such as a grand parent. Many did not have the opportunity to say goodbye properly and felt they were being closed off. As a result, their eyes deteriorated because they did not see what was happening.

Kinesiology is an excellent method here to determine what it is that people do not want to see. Kinesiology uses a muscle response on the arm to identify clearly the original causes of eye problems rather than just treating the symptoms. Healing energy is then used to correct any energy imbalances. In releasing these emotional blocks, people are now starting to regain their vision on a more permanent basis.

The use of specific scan charts which I developed also help to identify individual priority for people to improve their vision ranging from specific eye exercises to visualisations. In most cases, however, priority has been to work with real vision rather than physical eyesight.

Real Vision

The key aspect to real vision is the ability to be present in the moment without worrying about the past or what we are going to do in the future. When we are able to “go with the flow”, opportunities which we did not expect open up for us and we are able to see the full potential of our lives. The more we allow this to occur, the more scope there is for increased clarity in our lives and improved vision. We do not need to hide ourselves from the real world.

In 1993, after achieving the goal of being able to see without glasses, my peripheral vision was checked only to discover that I was unable to see out of the corners of my eye. In many ways, I had been seeing life without any sense of what was happening around me. Within two weeks, I was operated on for a pituitary tumour which was partially removed. This life threatening experience gave me a sense of freedom to try things I had never done before.

The tumour has been a gift. It helped me to move from a space that was judgmental and soul destroying to a space of awareness and growth. Real vision starts with self-exploration. The more clearly we begin to see ourselves, the greater clarity we present to the world. We are then able to relate on a deeper level to others and ourselves with greater sensitivity and love.

Real vision is more than improving eyesight. I no longer see reading words on an eye chart as the only measure of how much one can see, as I now see auras and energy. When we give and allow ourselves to receive unconditional love, we begin to reactivate that part of ourselves which is unlimited. Somehow, in all of this, our physical eyesight improves.

The possibilities of a future without glasses means we will also be able to communicate with each other through our eyes rather than using the limited form of spoken language. To talk through your eyes is to be able to speak using your heart rather than your mind. It is the language of the gods.

 Eye Power

Eye Power was founded by myself in 1997 and focuses on self-empowerment in terms of I (self) and Eye (sight). Eye Power offers unique workshops by exploring physical and inner vision which assists in improved eyesight and establishes a more positive, balanced lifestyle.

Workshops are experiential in nature and follow the chakra system. They include:

  1. Physical exercises and their meanings
  2. Clearing emotional issues using muscle testing and Kinergetics
  3. Left—right brain integration
  4. Balance through massage, meditation and movement
  5. Practical and positive affirmations
  6. Edgar Cayce and the power of the mind
  7. Seeing beyond the physical

To maintain and correct eyesight problems beyond the short term involves going beyond traditional areas of any one area. In recognising that the eyes are indeed “windows to your soul”, all work done on the eyes must be done with sensitivity and care. When someone allows you to really work with their eyes, they are giving you permission to touch their soul. This then allows you to really communicate on a soul level.