Barry Auchettl (ock-er-tell) is a Visionary from the Gold Coast in Australia whose passion is awakening the Vision in others. Barry has faced many life and health challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He is one of Australia’s most qualified vision educators and founded Eye Power in 1997 after personally overcoming the need for corrective lenses. Barry has a Masters of Education focusing on the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight, and was the keynote speaker at the vision educators conference in Los Angeles in 2015. Barry specialises in combining business skills, healing modalities, intuition and muscle testing. He created Light Body Alignment as a way of clearing unconscious sabotages in seconds. Barry is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, author of One Vision, Eye Power, Open Your Eyes and The Scan Charts. He is also an international speaker, facilitator, radio host, and Vision Mentor who specialises in clearing sabotages and core issues. Barry Auchettl  M.Ed. B.Bus. Grad.Dip.R.E.

  • Executive Manager and creator of Conversations: an inspirational game 
  • Founder of Eye Power vision improvement services
  • Author of The Scan Charts and forthcoming author of How to Improve your Eyesight and Vision of Life
  • Author of Amazon Kindle ebooks on Eye Power and In One Vision
  • Speaker at the inaugural World Vision Symposium in America in 1999
  • Past president of Rostrum and winner of Victorian Country Speaking Award 2003
  • Past member of Rotary Wendouree Breakfast Club
  • Gold certified for Eric Lofholm’s Sales and Marketing International USA, 2013

Personal background Barry’s passion is to allow people to shine from within. He has faced many of life’s challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He has overcome two life-threatening brain tumours and has reversed his need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Barry is a fascinating and down-to-earth facilitator from Australia who is currently runs talks, workshops, seminars and trainings worldwide on all aspects of Vision and authentic communication. Barry lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Qualifications Barry Auchettl has a Masters in Education focusing on computers and eyesight, a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), a Diploma in Education and a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education. His Masters in Education researched the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight, and what can be done about it. He has developed various Vision training programs to help eliminate the potential threat caused by what he describes as Computer Eyesight Syndrome. He has also been trained in muscle testing methods specialing in Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement, and is the author of The Scan Charts which is an invaluable resource for all kinesiologists. The Scan charts is currently printed in six countries including a Japanese edition. He is also the creator of Light Body Alignments for helping restoring the body to its natural state of health. Barry has also helped children and adults overcome potential learning difficulties, and has helped in various programs for students at risk. Workplace background Barry Auchettl first worked as an accountant in the areas of audit, taxation and accounting services. He also wrote computer programs for business using an Apple IIe during the early period of the 1980s. He then completed a teaching degree and taught many areas including Accounting, Economics, Computers and Religious Education for fifteen years at school, TAFE and university level. He has trained other teachers on how to use computers, including teaching various software packages, and promoting the safe use of computers. Since 1997, Barry has embarked on an entrepreneurial path in the Areas of Eye PowerConversations, and Life Vision Mentoring Eye Power Barry Auchettl overcame the need for glasses after wearing them for nearly 18 years. As a result, Eye Power was founded by Barry in 1997. He is the author of Eye Power which is a ten minute a day guide to improving eyesight, and In One Vision which focuses on a story of one man who expands his Vision on all levels.    Currently, barry is the forthcoming author of How to Improve your Eyesight and Vision of Life, and how they both are connected. Conversations Conversations: an inspirational game was literally dreamt into being and was created by Barry Auchettl. To support the use of the authentic communication tool for large groups, he has developed registered general facilitation training and facilitation training for the workplace. Barry has also developed an Educational version of the cards, and the Lifestyle Edition of Conversations to be used in the workplace, including a new fourth cycle to support growth past the actual seminars themselves. He is in current talks for translations of the game into Hindi, French, Spanish, Japanese and German, with the release on the online platform, Conversations Online, to be released in 2014. Life Vision Mentoring Barry developed Life Vision Mentoring to support the growth of the individual in terms of right livelihood and personal growth. He noticed that many life coaches looked at the business side only, while much of the personal growth practitioners did not look at the practical components of living.  Life Vision mentoring looks at allowing passion to support all aspects of a person’s life, and specalises inclearing sabotage programs in seconds. Barry has also developed programs for Mindset in Sport allowing sportspeople to gain that extra one per cent. Contact Barry Barry can be contacted +61 7 5641 1000 or click the link below Contact US

Barry Auchettl has a deep and genuine passion to assist mankind, to make a difference in the world, and in the lives of each person he touches – and through his Divinely inspired ‘Conversations The Game’ those he may never even meet. ‘Conversations’ is an experience like no other I have participated in nor witnessed.  Barry really cares. He sees behind what is, to what can be, behind each story of each person and connects with the greater possibilities present, even when the person, or people involved do not see it themselves. The world is in safe hands because of people like Barry Auchettl. Anayah Joi Holilly, Founder & Executive Producer The Angel Heart Radio Network, Australia