One on One Sessions

Are you wanting to uncover and clear any sabotage programs? Are you looking for clarity and to create the life you truly desire? Book in for your session now (opens in new window / tab in our Conversations store)

If you have the courage to step into your power, then you can live your dream and transform your everyday life into one of exceptional value. Includes clarifying and implementing your life’s vision.

“I set myself the intention this morning for more direction and focus for my life’s purpose. I received that very clearly, and also a strong urge to shine my Light in more places to help awaken more people to the light they are.” Marianne

Thanks so much – I feel really different, lighter, brighter – there is a freshness and clearness about me – it feels fantastic.  Cheers Debbie Hogg.  ANZI Coaching Coach of the Year 2010.

One on one sessions and speaking possibilities from Barry Auchettl are available in the areas of

  • Vision Improvement
  • Computers and eyesight maintainance
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Authentic conversations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Moving up the Emotional Scale
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose
  • Living Your Life’s Purpose
  • Dealing with life threatening illnesses
  • Overcoming obstacles of Life
  • Law of attraction
  • Finding Happiness in Your Life
  • Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement
  • Being your authetic self
  • Learning to see the positives in life

Barry, thank you SO SO much for the fantastic session and helping me to release the sabotaging mechanisms that were getting in the way of my life purpose. Each day I am noticing little changes with regard to my eyesight and my ‘vision’ I look forward to seeing how the work we did together unfolds. Blessings to you sweet soul, the world is a better place for having you in it x x   Catherine Maguire, Ireland


Thanks for the awesome session today. I felt you allowed the process to flow and allow me to bring to the surface my deeper qualities in exploring my life purpose. I like your authenticity and genuiness that you bring to your sessions. In deep gratitude for your friendship and professional abilities.  David Webby, Australia

Hello all that will view this; I’m just leaving a little note to show the impact of a session I did with Barry last week, prior to the session I felt disconected to a large number of the people I meet within my current work place latter the day when I went to work there was 1 person that I had a conversation with that I had not been able to in the past, thankyou and please continue this.   Bruce Williams, Australia


Barry, your Life Audit yesterday was almost magical in it’s accuracy. It pin pointed exactly (!!!) what has been happening in my life, and has given me the clarity and the tools to make a transformative leap. Thank you!  Anayah Joi Hollilly, Australia

Thank you Barry for the amazingly powerful Life Audit session you gave me today. I was blown away by your accuracy and how you zoomed in on what the important issues are for me. Your coaching has given me renewed vigor for my life and for the first time in a long time, I am excited by my future. I love the way you talk straight and are nurturing at the same time. You were spot on! I will be implementing the key issues that came up for me and will keep you posted.  
Luciana Todd, CEO – Om Shanti College, Australia
Book in for your session now (opens in new window / tab in our Conversations store)