Life Vision Mentoring 10

A 4 month advanced life transformation to raise your Vibration and Frequency

Starting 15 June, 2021 (14 June in USA)
Maximum capacity of only 32 participants.

Are you reaching your full potential and to create miracles in your life?

Currently, “…about ten percent of people … are already awakening…. This is probably enough of a critical mass to bring about a new earth. So the transformation of consciousness is truly happening.” Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth.

The Life Vision Mentoring program allows you to raise your personal vibration (inner consciousness) and your frequency in the world (outer manifestation) in order for you to fufil your soul’d purpoase on Earth.

Did you know:

  • Raising your personal vibration does not necessarily mean raising your frequency to what you are wanting to attract
  • Only 10% of the population have a frequency of 50% or more and less than 1% have a frequency above 90% Unconscious sabotage programing is the biggest block to achieving love and abundance
  • There are now new higher frequency levels available that allow us to manifest faster than was known even 12 months ago.

Are you ready to move through the glass ceiling you have created?

You no longer need to do this by yourself and can be supported by a dedicated group of like minded friends.

With ‘Life Vision Mentoring’ you get a business coach, a life coach and a personal mentor all in one, and even a personalised buddy to keep you accountable!

The intent of the course is measure through kinesiology and raise your frequency (Law of attraction) and vibration (personal consciousness) to levels you never knew were possible

Open your eyes to money, relationships and abundance by releasing the conscious and unconscious sabotages and blocks to wealth!

What others are saying about the program:

Thank you Barry for the amazingly powerful session you gave me today. I was blown away by your accuracy and how you zoomed in on what the important issues are for me. Your coaching has given me renewed vigor for my life and for the first time in a long time, I am excited by my future. I love the way you talk straight and are nurturing at the same time. You were spot on! I will be implementing the key issues that came up for me and will keep you posted.

Luciana Todd, CEO - Om Shanti College (Australia)

I have had the pleasure of joining the past mastermind with Barry Auchettl and it is powerful – it not only raised my frequency but offered me the connection and support from a group of like minded souls that has enabled a lot of business growth and personal growth. 

Allene Gibson (New Zealand)

Thank you Barry. I’ve really enjoyed your mentoring program this year. You’ve done a great service in bringing together your unique fusion of some powerful tools and techniques. Awesome work brother! 

Simon Nash (Canberra)

I signed up for Barry’s 6 month Mentoring Program at a time of great change in my life and I felt I required some guidance and mentoring in the next direction for my life. I had no idea what to expect and so went in with an open mind and heart. I felt the one-one sessions extremely empowering and beneficial – clearing sabotages and also with Barry’s high level of intuition and skill allowing me to look at some areas of what was currently going on for me – to shift and change this energy. My personal vibration and frequency levels have shot through the roof and I am really feeling a huge difference in my life! The group interaction was also very beneficial and allowed me to see how we are all striving for the same outcome in our lives and how we can support one another. Thank you for your wisdom and following your higher light Barry. Bless you. 

Ngaire Pook. (New Zealand)

About Barry

I have worked with releasing outdated sabotage programs since 1995 using muscle testing to clear these unwanted programs. Muscle testing is a simple, safe and non-evasive method of obtaining messages from the body. I am intuitive mindset kinesiologisy and use and a number of other modalities that support people to choose the life they want to live. 

I am an entrepreneur and have, on many occasions, been a keynote speaker around the world. I am the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game and Eye Power, and the author of various books including: The Scan Charts, One Vision and Eye Power, and I have supported thousands of people from around the world to see for themselves that they can improve their Vision of Life. I am also the producer and feature in movie Vision 2020: from eyesight to insight.

I also have a Masters of Education and degrees in business and theology. This allows me to support people to discover their true purpose and give practical action steps for people to actually achieve their life’s purpose, using practical skills, intuition and kinesiology. Currently, I am the principal of The Vision School.

Are you ready for change that occurs immediately?

In May 2021, I am conducting my 10th Life Vision Mentoring program to help people sustain the changes that are happening on the planet at this time.

To date, everyone who has completed the course has raised their vibration above 1000.

If you would like to be part of this program – you will need an interview with me beforehand to make sure you are a fit for this program.

Course Content:

Life’s purpose

Living your dreams

Obstacles to money and wealth

Relationships and communication

Overcoming fears

Increase personal vibration and levels of consciousness

Sabotage clearing

Raising your frequency

Staying in the Vortex

Emotional stability

Universal Laws

Think and grow rich

Program Inclusions:


4 one-on-one sessions with me over 4 months (valued at $3000)


4 one hour group clearing sessions on money, communication and emotional stability (valued at $1200)


4 one hour group mastermind sessions (valued at $1200)


A support and accountability partner personally matched for each person (valued at $200)


Bonus sessions where there are 5 Tuesdays in the month, including a live session on how to market through education and helping people rather than through hard selling. (valued at $400)


Free entry to the next online Vision Retreat. (valued at $2000)


$A10,200 worth of value with the investment for you to join at only $US2,995 . A payment plan is available upon request.

Bonus Content:


Bonus one on one sessions where you purchase the program in advance with one session for each month paid in advance (max value $2000)


A free signed copy of Conversations: an inspirational game sent to you anywhere in the world (valued at $200)

“The cost of not moving forward is more of the same.”

These one hour sessions can be held live on the Gold Coast or held over zoom, and is available for 30 people only.

This program comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction.

You can contact me directly at Please contact me ASAP as numbers are limited.