What is Life Vision Mentoring

Life Vision Mentoring is about the empowerment of the whole person
Life Vision Mentoring includes support using sabotage clearing, positive mindset techniques, intuitive muscle testing and a series of over fifty unique scan charts that I have developed including Think and Grow Rich Scan chart, Moving up the Emotional Scale Scan Chart, and Living Your Dreams Scan Chart. 
Life Vision Mentoring effectively transforms individuals, couples and groups by applying a range of wide-ranging healing techniques, life mentoring and practical support. Life Vision Mentoring supports –  Removing major life blocks that may have stopped you for years –  Communication and relationship issues –  Addictions such as smoking & gambling –  Constant health problems –  How to find and live your dream and live it –  Living the Law of Attraction –  Attracting your soulmate –  Vision Improvement using natural methods –  Prosperity thinking This can includes finding your life’s purpose and ways for you to sustain it focusing on you as an unique person and not as a formula.
This is your time to shine!   Life Vision Mentoring methods include –  Conversations: an inspirational game –  Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement –  Natural Vision Improvement –  Think and Grow Rich Scan Charts –  Kinesiology and muscle testing techniques –  Moving up the Emotional Scale –  Reiki, Chiron & Theta Healing –  Light Body Alignments –  Skills to become an entrepreneur
Thanks so much – I feel really different, lighter, brighter – there is a freshness and clearness about me – it feels fantastic.  Debbie Hogg.  ANZI Coaching Coach of the Year 2010
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