Eye Power was founded by Barry Auchettl in 1997 and focuses on self-empowerment in terms of I (self) and Eye (sight). Eye Power offers unique vision improvement sessions and workshops by exploring physical and inner vision which assists in improved eyesight and establishes a clearer and more balanced vision of life.

Eye Power has been designed to assist individuals, the workplace and schools. All vision improvement Programs are unique as they operate on an educational model rather than a medical model.

Eye Power for individuals is the natural method of improving your vision without the need for corrective lenses or expensive laser surgery. It includes effective and simple eye exercises and gives you the opportunity to decrease eye strain especially as a result of computers & TV, and to decrease dependency on glasses and reduce the need for prescription lenses

Renewed Vision offers the workplace and schools a unique investment in the maintenance of computer users’ eye health and well-being in a two hour seminar. Increased dependence on computer-based work has led to eyestrain and other stress related illness, creating lower concentration levels, absenteeism and potential insurance claims. Improved vision and well-being is promoted through simple eye exercises and self-awareness. These impacts directly on productivity levels, quality control and profit.