This hands-on, leading-edge energy based system, which is complete in itself, gives you the skills and tools you need to identify and clear conscious and subconscious sabotage programs.
You may have sabotage programs in any or all of these areas:

• Relationship difficulties: Personal / Couples / Family / Work
• Addictions: Smoking / Computers / Shopping / Risk aversion
• Prosperity: Money / Success / Abundance / Happiness
• Health problems: Weight issues / Chronic fatigue / Low energy
• Any problem areas that just seem to keep re-occurring in your life

Discover how you can use simple, yet highly effective muscle testing to change your life dramatically. This workshop has been life-changing for many people all around the world.

Join Barry Auchettl, creator of ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’, author of ‘The Scan Charts’ and ‘Eye Power’, as he guides you on a journey of self-discovery. You will never be the same again.

What’s included in the Sabotage Clearing and Applying the Law of Attraction Workshop?

Energy Based Systems and Sabotage Clearing

  • Learn Muscle testing as an effective means of obtaining feedback from the body regarding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stresses
  • Hydration and Food Sensitivity Testing including sugar, chocolate and wheat
  • Learning how to accurately muscle test and use your intuition
  • Improve your energy by clearing hooks, cords and energy drains from others
  • Identify conscious and unconscious sabotages
  • Clear blocks using simple muscle testing techniques
  • Clear effects of electromagnetic radiation such as use of mobile phones and WiFi

Applying the Law of Attraction

  • Learn how to accurately muscle test and clear blocks for yourself
  • Creating Goal enhancement and affirmations that work long term
  • Clear multiple sabotage programs in one session
  • Clear Blocks in minutes using the Light Body Alignment technique
  • Applying the Law of Attraction to Communication
  • Combining Sabotage Clearing and the Laws of Attraction in your main area of concern
  • Using specific scan charts such as ‘Think and Grow Rich’

I love the simplicity and magic of the process, and as my skills developed so did the fun. It became clear that intent and trust ensure safety and learning. Excellent presentation, dealing with big issues and life changes in a professional way while being humorous and encouraging and positive.    Linda Mikkelsen, New Zealand