Uplifting Humanity

You have come to the place where you can expand your vision and transform your relationships.

Within these pages you get to explore the way that you see and even have the opportunity to improve your own eyesight. You have the opportunity to connect with yourself and engage with others through an inspirational collaborative board game. You also have the opportunity to find out how to clear your conscious and unconscious sabotage programs in seconds through using a unique energy based system. Welcome to the opportunity to uplift yourself and indeed humanity.

Barry specialises in combining business skills, healing modalities, intuition and muscle testing. He created Light Body Alignment as a way of clearing unconscious sabotages in seconds. Barry is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, author of One Vision, Eye Power, Open Your Eyes and The Scan Charts. Barry is also an international speaker, radio host, and Vision mentor who specialises in clearing sabotages and core issues.

Conversations: an inspirational game

a co-operative and interactive board game designed to develop and enhance all our relationships through genuine dialogue. Playing this game facilitates a major breakthrough in your communication. It can be played at home, at work or in schools.

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