Speaking Topics

Natural Eyesight Improvement

Barry has taken the eye exercises optometrists give (and nobody does) and made them easier and fun to do. Includes practical demonstrations and techniques to improve your physical eyesight. This is based on Barry improving his own eyesight and teaching vision improvement since 1997. It includes simple and effective eye exercises as well as visualisations to look at what it is that you are not seeing in life.

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes is about improving your physical eyesight and expanding your Vision of Life, and how the two are connected. It is also about opening your eyes to expand to new possibilities in all aspects of your life. Open Your Eyes also includes opening your eyes to wealth and abundance by releasing the conscious and unconscious sabotages around money. In the process, you get to live the life of your dreams.

Conversations the game

Conversations the game is an opportunity to develop teams by using this unique communication tool to create a change in the way people communicate with one another. Emphasis is on learning to cooperate through authentic dialogue and active listening skills. Barry is the creator of this truly inspirational game which is really a unique interactive process for engagement and connection.

Conversations for the Soul

Conversations for the Soul looks at learning different ways of communicating through a range of experiential processes, including ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’, ‘The Virtues Project’, ‘Law of attraction’ and “Languages of Love’. Barry blends this smorgasboard of language skills to create a fun and interactive approach to learning positive communication skills.

Sabotage Clearing

Sabotage Clearing shows you how to locate, and then clear, sabotage programs from the subconscious mind using muscle testing. This helps to bring about change in all areas of your life including: finances, health, relationships. You will then be free to enhance your goals and choose what and how your life is to be. Barry has taught people how to muscle test and ran Sabotage Clearing workshops around the world for over 20 years.

Vibration and Frequency

Would you like things to just happen easier in your life? Barry looks at how to raise your own personal vibration (levels of consciousness) and raise the frequency you put out to the world (law of attraction). The result is that you allow life filling surprises and miracles to happen in your life at a quicker rate. Barry has developed processes and charts to both identify and raise your own vibrational level and frequency,